About Quack Finance

Welcome to Quack Finance, a platform dedicated to offering a user-friendly interface designed to provide a secure, profitable, and enjoyable experience for all our users. Our commitment extends beyond just providing financial tools; we aim to create a community where users feel engaged and valued. We are not a memecoin project; Quacky the Duck is simply our mascot, symbolizing our dedication to innovation and excellence in the DeFi space.

Our first version introduces an advanced staking system designed to maximize returns. When you stake your tokens with Quack Finance, you benefit from competitive APYs. Additionally, our unique BTC Boost feature multiplies your APY by 2x if Bitcoin’s price increases by 10% from the time of your stake lockup. This feature ensures that your investments are positioned to take advantage of market gains, enhancing your earning potential.

Our ecosystem features the NFT Key Minter, which signifies your staking weight and holds what we call DuckPower. DuckPower reflects your influence and rewards within Quack Finance. The greater your staking weight, the more DuckPower you accumulate, increasing your rewards. Holding an NFT Key grants you access to our exclusive VIP area, where you can participate in our upcoming reward game and, in the future, access various farms and other exclusive features. This ensures that our most dedicated users receive additional benefits and opportunities.

Quack Finance is more than just a DeFi platform; it's a community-driven project. Our mission is to not only provide a professional and innovative DeFi experience but also to foster a strong and engaged community. At Quack Finance, we're committed to using over half of the total token supply for rewards, ensuring that our community members are generously rewarded for their participation and contribution. Experience the future of DeFi with Quack Finance, where serious finance meets cutting-edge innovation and community-driven values.


Quacky's tokenomics is designed for simplicity, transparency, and adaptability, aligning with our commitment to a dynamic and sustainable ecosystem.

Maximum Supply:

In our tokenomics, we've allocated a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. Approximately half of this supply is earmarked for rewarding our community through staking and our reward game. This strategic distribution ensures that a significant portion of our tokens is dedicated to incentivizing active participation and fostering growth within our ecosystem.

Burn Function:

In Quack Finance, tokens are minted during contract deployment, eliminating the need for a mint function. While our current setup doesn't use a burn function for routine operations, it stands ready for potential token deployments on alternative blockchain networks. This function ensures seamless token migration, maintaining consistency across platforms.

NFT key minter:

In Quack Finance, the NFT Key Minter operates independently of our standard tokens. To unlock its benefits, users must stake and lock up their tokens. Upon completion, the NFT Key Minter grants access to exclusive VIP area functions like the reward game, farming pools, and upcoming features, rewarding users based on their NFT key's DuckPower.

Token Allocation

Staking Rewards (30%):

In Quack Finance, 30% of our token allocation is dedicated to staking. This substantial portion is reserved to reward users who actively participate in staking their tokens, contributing to the stability and growth of our ecosystem.

Community: (30%)

Another 30% of our token allocation is earmarked for the community, serving as rewards for active participation and engagement. This allocation underscores our commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community within Quack Finance.

Liquidity (25%):

A significant allocation of 25% of our tokens is dedicated to liquidity provision. These tokens serve a vital function in bolstering the liquidity and stability of the Quack Finance ecosystem, thereby facilitating seamless trading experiences for our users across multiple platforms.

Team & Development (15%):

15% of our token allocation is dedicated to the team and development efforts. These tokens will be subject to a lockup period of 180 days, with a linear vesting schedule. This approach ensures that the team's incentives are aligned with the long-term success and growth of Quack Finance.

Marketing (5%):

We've set aside 5% of our token supply for marketing purposes. These funds will fuel our advertising campaigns, community engagement efforts, strategic partnerships, content creation, and social media presence.

Our token allocation strategically distributes resources across key areas, creating a balanced framework for sustainable growth. By prioritizing liquidity, staking rewards, community development, and team appreciation, we aim to cultivate a thriving ecosystem that stands the test of time.

Roadmap 1.0

Q2 - 2024 Ongoing


Taking Flight

Quack Finance's launch strategy emphasizes sustainable growth, steering clear of short-term gains and launchpads. Our approach centers on meticulous planning, rigorous testing, and transparent communication. Additionally, we're developing at full throttle to ensure a robust platform.

PendingQ3 - 2024

Staking program

BTC Boost: Ride the Surge to Bigger Gains!

Indulge in staking with a twist. When you lock in your tokens, we track the current BTC price. But here's the thrilling twist – should Bitcoin's price soar by 10% or more post-staking, we're injecting a potent 2X boost to your staking rewards. It's a seamless fusion of market dynamics and strategic staking, meticulously crafted to magnify your returns. Welcome to Quacky Staking BTC Boost: where each surge propels you toward resounding success!

Q3 - 2024 Pending

NFT Key Minter

Unleash Your DuckPower!

Unlock exclusive benefits with the NFT Key Minter at Quack Finance. Stake your tokens to obtain your NFT Key, representing your staking weight and DuckPower. DuckPower reflects your influence within Quack Finance, determining your rewards and privileges. Gain access to our VIP area, featuring a reward game and upcoming farming pools. Experience the next level of decentralized finance with Quack Finance's NFT Key Minter.

PendingQ4 - 2024

Reward Game

Quacky's Journey

Embark on an exhilarating adventure with our Reward Game, drawing inspiration from the classic Monopoly board game. Unlike Monopoly's properties, our game features a diverse array of reward and mini-game fields, providing ample opportunities for significant winnings. Experience the excitement and rewards firsthand at Quack Finance.

Late Q4 2024 Pending

Roadmap 2.0 TBA

As 2024 comes to an end, Quack Finance is preparing to unveil Roadmap 2.0, showcasing a range of innovative DeFi initiatives. Additionally, we're excited to announce the launch of our mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms, offering users enhanced accessibility and convenience.

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